Nadia Barkawi

Nadia Barkawi is a self-professed ‘Bird Nerd.’ She has been her entire life. As a Wildlife Biologist for Grouse Mountain Environmental Consultants, Barkawi gets to spend much of her day not just with birds, but with all different types of animal and plant life.

It is, for her, a dream come true.

“I grew up with a mom who loved animals,” Barkawi said. “At one time, we had baby ducks in our bathtub and chickens outside. So I’ve always really loved animals and I thought that in my career I would want to do things that I would love and that I could learn every day. I always wanted to be outside so, I thought, ‘Wildlife Biology!’ I’ve loved it ever since.”

She loves it so much that she decided to pursue a career in Wildlife Biology, which led her to a position with Grouse Mountain Environmental Consultants.

“Grouse Mountain,” Barkawi stated. “I’m a big bird nerd, so immediately I loved the name. And then I looked it up and it actually has significance. There really is a Grouse Mountain in Wyoming. So I talked with the bosses and they seemed very forthcoming, and very easy to talk to. They seemed like they really value peoples’ health and our well-being a lot. And I think that’s really cool. They understand that this is a job and not our entire lives.”

Nadia Barkawi answered the following questions and, in doing so, she illustrated just how big of a component she is to Grouse Mountain Environmental Consultants.

How did you come to work at Grouse Mountain?

Last year, I found myself working for the government, performing Northern spotted owl and other biological surveys in Oregon. The mountain lakes and waterfalls of the Pacific NorthWest were like something out of a dream. However, I found myself missing the New Mexico sunshine and began looking for wildlife related jobs in northern New Mexico. I applied and here I am.

What do you do at Grouse Mountain?

I am a wildlife biologist based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What made you want to choose this career path?

I remember being in college and thinking: “What job could I do for the rest of my life and be happy?”. My favorite class at the time was a field dendrology course and vertebrate anatomy lab. Both of which I just devoured. I couldn’t get enough. Walking to classes, I’d have my head up trying to identify the trees to species and in between classes I’d sketch anatomical features of my favorite animals.

What’s your favorite part about working at Grouse Mountain?

Getting paid to travel to new places and to birdwatch! Haha

What’s an experience that stands out to you from working at Grouse Mountain?

In the short time I have worked here, there is a great sense of community and togetherness in the company. Everyone has been imperative in my success here, answering all my silly questions and clearing up my confusions.

What do you love about Wyoming?

Well, I love New Mexico because of the never-ending sunshine, absolutely breathtaking sunsets, and the rich history. Wyoming seems cool too, though!

What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, yoga, and swimming. I also love to read/write, embroider, whittle wood, weave baskets, and just recently have started painting.

Tell us a few fun facts about you!

I was a wildland firefighter with the Carson National Forest hotshots for a few seasons here in New Mexico. It was a humbling, yet, liberating experience. Once you hike 12 miles into a 500,000 acre fire, nothing seems impossible.

What differentiates Grouse Mountain from its competitors?

Grouse Mountain has an extremely talented and mix of employees from all different backgrounds who all come together to get the job done.

If you could tell readers one thing about yourself and your job, what would that be?

I absolutely love puzzles. I think being a wildlife biologist for Grouse Mountain really utilizes those skills. Identifying local animals and different plant species is challenging and kind of like putting the puzzle pieces together for a given ecosystem. I am happy Grouse Mountain has given me the opportunity to thrive.

If you could tell readers one thing about Grouse Mountain, what would THAT be?

So far, working for Grouse Mountain has been challenging and rewarding on a daily basis. I am learning new things everyday and honing my craft.

Any additional information you’d like to provide.

I love to cook and try new cuisines and foods! I will try any food, twice. Just in case.


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