Sambhu Sapkota

Sambhu Sapkota is a problem solver. As an engineer, he’s used to being faced with a problem and trying to solve it as quickly, efficiently, and proactively as possible.

When Sambhu (Sam, for short) began working for Grouse Mountain Environmental Consultants as an Engineer in Training (EIT), he was excited by the possibility of solving problems, great and small.

Sam’s diverse background includes developing apps, starting his own small business, and more. Now, as a part of Grouse Mountain, he is lending his talent, experience, and expertise to a company that he really believes in. 

We wanted to know more about Sam, so we asked him a few questions to find out what really makes him tick. 

How did you come to work at Grouse Mountain?

I was excited about the challenges and growth opportunities offered by Grouse Mountain. Besides being a growing small company, the Grouse Mountain workforce was diverse with different areas of expertise and fostered a positive and collaborative work environment.

What do you do for Grouse Mountain?

Engineers play an important role in modern society. Specifically, Environmental Engineers who contribute to minimizing human impacts, creating a balance between revolution and ecological harmony. I am an Environmental Engineer in Training, emphasizing environmental concerns.  

What made you choose this career path? 

To grow personally and professionally and to make meaningful contributions. I enjoy nature and its beauty; Environmental Engineering incorporates it all. 

What’s your favorite part about working at Grouse Mountain? 

From the first interview to the seamless onboarding process, I liked GMEC’s work challenges, innovation, and growth opportunities. 

What’s an experience that stands out to you from working at Grouse Mountain?

I am making a career path, which is the combination of client satisfaction, working with teams, gaining new skill sets, and receiving feedback.

What do you love about Wyoming? 

The fact that it sits on a supervolcano and still has a rich ecological life cycle.

What are some of your hobbies?

Skiing, Downhill Mountain Biking, and Hiking.

What are a few fun facts about you?

I made an app named Tap2Talk, and I owned a small business.

What differentiates Grouse Mountain from its competitors?

Apart from being a small company, Grouse Mountain is known for its accommodating, diverse projects and willingness to evolve.

If you could tell readers one thing about yourself and your job, what would that be?

“Great things come from small beginnings.”

If you could tell readers one thing about Grouse Mountain, what would THAT be?

GMEC puts a premium on fostering an innovative, positive, and collaborative work environment. 

Any additional information you’d like to provide?

I would just like to thank all teammates, PMs and Principals. 


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