Adam Ullom

Half a decade ago, Adam Ullom was working with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, managing a stormwater project. It was a big job, in a big lab, and it required a big commitment. Adam made a five year commitment to the Laboratory and he was intent on seeing it through. 

After five years and six months, however, Adam was ready for something new. Prior to his work with the National Laboratory, Adam worked for the State of New Mexico with the Surface Water Quality Bureau. He managed environmental sampling of lakes, rivers, and streams across the state. He has worked in the environment, in one way or another, for almost two decades. And while he wanted to continue on that career path, he wanted to do it somewhere else. In October of 2023, he began working for Grouse Mountain Environmental Consultants. 

“It’s been great!” Adam said. “I really like working for a smaller, family-esque company. Everybody really has the same goal of doing a good job and getting the name out there for the community. It’s just a good fit for me. I think people put a lot more into it because it’s a smaller company. You don’t cut corners and just push stuff out. People are actually emotionally invested in the work, and I appreciate that.” 

Adam, himself, is emotionally invested in the work as well. We wanted to get to know him a little bit more, so we sat down for a Q&A session to find out more about Adam Ullom. 

How did you come to work at Grouse Mountain?

I started at GMEC in October of 2023. After working for 5 years, managing a large project at a National Laboratory, I was ready for a change. I saw the job ad on Indeed and knew the time had arrived.

What do you do for Grouse Mountain?

I do a variety of things. That’s one of the big draws to consulting for me. I might work on a proposal, an Environmental Assessment, a Regulatory Permit one day, and be off in a wilderness area doing a survey the next. The diversity of the work and associated challenges keeps it interesting and keeps me continually learning. 

What made you choose this career path? 

I’ve been working as an Environmental Professional for the past 17 years. It really just happened. I’ve always been an avid outdoor person, and my degree in Conservation Biology/Aquatic Ecology has allowed me to make a career out of doing what I love. I’m truly blessed to have the opportunity to get paid for doing what I enjoy.

What’s your favorite part about working at Grouse Mountain? 

I really enjoy the mix of projects I’m able to work on, and I  get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that our work makes a difference.  

What’s an experience that stands out to you from working at Grouse Mountain?

I have only been with GMEC for four months. In that time, I traveled to the Gila National Forest in southern New Mexico to conduct a walk-down on a project we were interested in bidding on. The project is stream restoration work (one of my passions) on a small river with a population of native Gila Cutthroat Trout. It’s a beautiful location abutting the Wilderness Area.

What do you love about New Mexico? 

New Mexico has everything an outdoor enthusiast such as myself could dream of. Mountains, rivers, lakes, desert, abundant fish and wildlife. The people, cultures, food, I need more paper!

What are some of your hobbies?

I’ve been called a Renaissance Man by friends. I just like to stay busy. I enjoy spending time with my two sons, hunting, fishing, foraging, gardening, raising livestock, hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, and cooking (I love making smoked and cured meats, sausage, jerky – all the charcuterie!).

What are a few fun facts about you?

I was born and raised in Washington State. I am a die-hard Seahawks fan, and my chocolate lab, Sadie, is a fan too.

What differentiates Grouse Mountain from its competitors?

Passion! Grouse Mountain is unlike any company I have worked for in the past. My colleagues take a great deal of pride in providing exceptional services. Being a smaller company, we really need to raise the bar on the quality of work we perform for our clients, and we do! It’s really like a family business. You want to do well and assure the continued good name.

If you could tell readers one thing about yourself and your job, what would that be?

I love my job!

If you could tell readers one thing about Grouse Mountain, what would THAT be?

The Environmental Consulting field is highly competitive. GMEC has made its place at the top of the list through the exceptional people and services we provide. I’m not one to “toot my own horn,” but GMEC really is an exceptional company of fantastic people who really care about what we do. 

Any additional information you’d like to provide?

Thank you for this opportunity.


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