Spencer Burkett

How did you come to work at Grouse Mountain?

I originally started to help with a reclamation project. After the reclamation project was completed, I was asked to stay on to help with AIM projects for the BLM, as well as other environmental projects.

What do you do at Grouse Mountain?

I am a Reclamation/Rangeland Technician. I help with reclamation projects, SWPPP’s, wetland delineations, vegetation surveys and  assessments, Inventory and Monitoring.

What made you want to choose this career path?

I choose this career because I wanted a job that would allow me to spend time outdoors.

What’s your favorite part about working here?

My favorite part about working here is the diversity of projects that we have. My favorite projects are really any of them that allow me to look at plants.

What’s an experience that stands out to you from working at Grouse Mountain?

The experience that stands out the most to me is the day we completed a large reclamation project (1,700 acres). It was a project that at the beginning there seemed to be no end in sight so, that last day was really a good feeling to know how much we had accomplished.

What do you love about Wyoming?

I love the vast landscapes of Wyoming, even when I think I’ve seen it all there is something new around the next corner.

What is your favorite past-time?

Looking at plants and riding snowmobiles!

Tell us a few fun facts about you!

I’ve done vegetation surveys in six states in the mountain west. I have a 100 lb. German Shepherd named Barli.


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